Krishnaswami Raja
Associate Professor

Academic Background


  • Ph.D Indian Institute of Science in Synthetic Chemistry of Polymers and Liquid Crystals (1999)

  • Scientist Raman Boards LTD, Paper polymer composites and the development of paper based insect repellant devices (1996-1999)

  • Post Doctoral Fellow, The Scripps Research Institute, Biomacromolecular assembly based chemistry (2000-2004)

  • Principal Scientist, Dynavax Technologies Immunotherapeutic bionanoparticle vaccines and vaccine adjuvant development (2004-2005)


Research Interests


Bionanotechnology, Synthetic Polymer Chemistry, Biopharmaceutical Chemistry and Targeted Drug Delivery

The basic philosophy of our group is to covalently marry biomacromolecules with synthetic polymers and small molecules to generate hybrids for biopharmaceutical and material science applications. The research in the group will span many disciplines and students will be trained in Biopharmaceutical Chemistry, Synthetic Organic Chemistry and Nanotechnology in projects which are exciting from both Industrial and academic view points.

Natural product inspired small molecule libraries and novel living polymers will be attached to Bionanoparticles, therapeutically relevant proteins and artificial peptide scaffolds to generate a range of Bionanomaterials. Bioconjugate chemistry and Synthetic Organic/Polymer Chemistry will be employed to generate the Bionanomaterials. These will be characterized using a battery of bioanalytical techniques.

The materials synthesized for biomedical applications will be tested for activity using cell based assays.

The self-assembly and liquid crystalline properties of the protein-polymer hybrid materials will be studied by NMR, DSC, TEM, AFM and other techniques. These Self-assembled artificial scaffolds will be used to generate organic-inorganic hybrid materials at the nanoscale.