Nan-Loh Yang Professor and Director of Center for Engineered Polymeric Materials

Academic Background


2000-present: Chair, Polymer Division, Ph.D. Program in Chemistry, Graduate Center, CUNY

1970-Present: City Univrsity of New York, Graduate School and College of Staten Island. Professor since 1976

  • Ph. D (1969) Polymer Chemistry Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn, NY
  • Post-doctoral Fellow (1969-70) Ford Foundation ,Mount Sinai School of Medicine of The City University of New York
Research Interests


Our laboratory has a track record of providing undergraduates with an environment conducive to the development of their scientific interest, combining independent work with the support of postdoctoral fellows and doctoral students.  Two areas are open to beginning students: organic nanostructures and inorganic-organic nanomagnet hybrids.

The organic nanostructures area includes unimolecular micelles and multiblock copolymers with well-defined macromolecular architectures.  In this project, students learn to conduct ionic and “living-free radical” copolymerizations for the preparation of nanosystems with well-controlled dimensions as well as targeted topology.

The inorganic-organic nanomagnet hybrids area involves studies of magnetic nanoparticles (5 to 20 nm) coated with organic monolayers. Paramagneitc and superprarmagnetic properties are examined using state-of-the-art instrumentation including Fourier–transform electron spin resonance spectroscopy.